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DJC tickets for MYH members


If you preregister for Danish Juggling Convention 2014 before 1st of January 2014, and if you are a Mind Your Head member, the club give you a discount. The price for Mind Your Head members are 235 kr (all weekend ticket).

How to pay

Pay 235 kr to our account. Remember to also pay 80 kr for you membership for 2014 (in total 315 kr).

Account number: 3495 517 275 2120
Bank: Nordea
Remember to write your name.

Please send an e-mail to with your name, date of birth (6 figures), e-mail address and phone number. Also mention if you would like to receive information from our e-mail list. You will hear about
what’s going on in the club. Write also that you’ve payed for your DJC 2014 ticket!

You do not need to bring any ticket to the convention. The organisers will have your name on a list in the door. Mind Your Head members should not sign up for the convention in any other way (at least not if you want the discount).

If you want a DJC t-shirt

Send an e-mail to Signe if you would like to buy the DJC t-shirt: signesp(at)

Danish Juggling Convention – January 2014


We are proud to announce that Danish Juggling Convention in 2014 will be arranged in Copenhagen by some of our members! You are all welcome to Copenhagen and to the nice circus school AFUK, where the convention will take place during three fantastic days. Please visit our page about the convention for more information.

Jul og jonglering

Jul og jonglering

Den 17. december er det jul i Mind Your Head. Vi hygger og jonglerer i salen fra 19 til 23. Tag dine røde bolde med og kom til julejonglering! Louise sørger for frugt, juleslik og så køber vi kaffe og te i caféen. Hvis du har lyst til at bage en julekage, skal du endelig ikke holde dig tilbage.

Efter julejongleringen er det pause fra jonglering på Støberiet. Vi mødes igen den 7. januar 2014 (kl. 19-23).

Come to christmas juggling in Mind Your Head the 17th of December. Remember to bring your red jugglingsballs and maybe a christmas tree for staff juggling? Louise will bring some fruits and candy. Next training after christmas is the 7th of January 2014.