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General assembly 2016 in Mind Your Head


Dear Mind Your Headers! So now its soon time for what we have all been waiting for!!!! It is nothing less than The annual general assembly of Mind Your Head! Its going to be the Tuesday the 31st of May at 20.00, and we hope to see a lot of your lovely faces!
if you have any suggestions for Mind Your Head, which you have been thinking about, you can send it to me and I’ll put it on the agenda for the meeting. The meeting is usually nice, short and chilled, so don’t be afraid of a long boring meeting 🙂

Hugs from the board: Nathalíe, Bjarke, Beva and Signe.

Here is the agenda for the meeting:

1. find facilitator and person taking the minuts
2. the board presents what has happend in the club in the year that has passed
3. showing the economics of the club and the members acceptance of this
4. deciding what should be price for memebership in the coming year.
5. new suggestions
6. election of the board
7. chosing the accountant for the new year (revisor)
8. Evt.