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European Juggling Convention 2013


Loggo for EJC 2013

Let us go to the European Juggling Convention in Toulouse together this summer! This is the biggest juggling festival, with jugglers from all over the world. You can come to juggle all day long, go to various workshop in any kind of circus discipline, watch at least two or three shows every night or just chill out in the grass together with your new juggler friends. This year there are four extra shows (sacekripa, sens dessus dessous, patrik & wes and defracto) – plus the gala show of course.

In the festival, you will sleep in tent or caravan that you bring yourself. There are a huge hall (or many?) for juggling; usually it is open all day and all night long. You can make food yourself or you can buy food in the food market. At the festival, you can buy juggling balls, clubs, rings, devil sticks, poi, stilts, clothes, fire staff, etc. to a lower price and talk with the producers.

All jugglers (with friends) are welcome to EJC – you don’t even have to know how to juggle. Just come and have a nice week in a hot Toulouse. The festival starts the 27th of July and ends the 3rd of August.

Visit the EJC-webpage to read more about the festival and to sign up: www.ejc2013.org. It is cheaper to buy your ticket early, as the price gets higher every month (the 1st in each month).